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Explore Rome´s most stunning sites on our outdoor tours! 


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Hikes are a bit sweatier tours compared to our other ones but we run them in a slow and relaxed tempo so to enjoy monuments and nature. We will show you some unexpected spots outside of Rome´s hectic sites, just a few miles from the city but still off the beaten paths....


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Romans usually state that a life is not enough to know the city´s ins and outs.. but you can still try to get to know some of them. These tours are longer slow walks through the main sites and the most hidden gems of this amazing city...

Bike and eBike

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An unexpected way to enjoy the city and also to be able to reach out to wonderful areas a bit more far out of the city center. 

Yes, if your guide knows what path to follow, Rome is a wonderful city for cyclists! Our private tours run on safe paths through some calm and placid local´s favouirite countryside and parks

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If you wish to book or would like to have more detailed informations about Roma Hikes & Walks and our tours click the button below and write to us. We will be very happy to answer any of your questions within 24 hours! You are just one step away from your great Rome´s experience!! 

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